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Installation Process

It is important that the Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing System is correctly installed. All installers of Terraco EIFS are certified after they have been through the Terraco Training Centre. 

Before beginning the installation

Asses the suitability of the substrate. If there are any discrepancies with the initial inspection of the substrate, do not proceed with the application until all unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.

System Detail Review
Ensure that the follow are correctly designed and reviewed prior to commencing installation:

1. Window and door reveals
2. Parapet capping
3. Bottom of walls (grade or pavement)
4. Penetrations (gutter down-pipes, fixtures, outlets, signage)
5. Aesthetic features
6. Expansion joints
7. Abutments to dissimilar materials
8. Roof/wall intersection
9. Flashing locations
10. Window sills / over-sills
11. Roofing

Step 1 - Installing starter base profile

  • Installing starter base profile





Step 2. Applying adhesive to board

  • Styrofix spot application

  • Styrofix notched trowel application

  • Insulation board should never align with window corners

Slide and push the boards into place and apply even firm pressure to entire insulation board once it is in place.

Step 3. Application of Mechanical Fasteners

The amount of Terraco EIFS fasteners per square meter will depend on a multitude of factors including building substrate and building height. The fasteners should be installed only after the Styrofix has dried fully and they should be flush with the installation board.

Step 4. Application of reinforcing mesh

  • Mesh application

  • Mesh application at window edges


Cut Terraco reinforcing mesh into workable lengths and apply an even layer of Styrobond DP approx. 1.5-2.0 mm in thickness to the surface of the insulation board. Immediately embed the Terraco reinforcing mesh into the fresh Styrobond DP and trowel it from the centre out to the edges. Mesh mush overlap 10cm. Once set apply second layer of Styrobond DP. 

Step 5. Priming

  • Priming

    Examine the surface to ensure that it is plumb and free from any irregularities. Apply primer by roller. 




Step 6. Decorative Finish

Choose the decorative finish of your choice

Terraco offers a variety of high quality acrylic and silicon based coatings in a wide arrange of colours. Other decorative finishes such as Terralite Stone Coatings and Terol Mineral Based Coatings are also available by request.

Discover them here ...

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